Higher Self Connection & Activation

Are you looking to connect with your Higher Selves using Light Language & Light Codes?  Have you been curious about how your Higher Selves look like or what messages they have for you right now?  If you've answered YES to either or all, then this is for you!

This is a three part offering:  

1. Dina will be channelling the essences of your Higher Selves through an 8 x 8" water colour painting;

2. Lily will be channeling a written light codes message that your Higher Selves would like you to receive right now

3. Dina and Lily will invite you to a private 1 hour Zoom call where we'll be tapping into your energy and clear any blockages that are holding you back from connecting, then activate and strengthen the connection you have with your Higher Selves.  During this session, other light codes and activations may come through IF your Higher Selves request for our assistance at that time.   We will also go through the messages that came through when we channelled the artwork and written messages.



1. Essences of Higher Selves - Water Colour painting 8 x 8" in digital format 

2.  Message from your Higher Selves - a digital recording of hand written light codes in 8 x 10"

Hard copies of both the painting and message are available and can be shipped in the mail for an additional shipping & handling fee, this can be selected as an option at checkout.

3.  Higher Self Activation - we'll email you to set up a date & time for the private live Zoom call that works for all 3 of us. 

To learn more about your facilitators and connect on social media:
Dina Ziskin-Fortune is a soul/light language activator, intuitive Artist and a channeller - www.Linktr.ee/LightLanguageDina
Lily Li is a Light Language/Soul Language activator, quantum healer, master coder, a gate keeper and key holder of your next set of light codes.  You can also wear her light codes via the jewelry she designs and makes by hand: www.Linktr.ee/LilyLi.LL

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