Package of 6 Personalized Quantum Light Codes Clearing, Healing, Activations

This is a package for 6 personalized sessions with no expiry.

During this personalized 1:1 online session over Zoom, you'll be experiencing the healing and activating powers of quantum light codes, intuitive reiki and quantum healing energy work.  

I will be working with your Higher Self(s) and bringing in light language to assist with clearing any blockages that are stopping you from accessing your highest timeline.  I will then bring in Source Codes that will activate and help you remember the power you possess within so that you can move forward in your journey and manifest your goals with ease, grace and flow.


This is for you if:

- you are ready and willing to commit to deep energetic healing and transmutation

- you are ready to tap into your emotions and truly feel them

- you are on a journey of inner healing, spiritual development & the exploration of your own awareness

- you are ready to take the next step on your energetic and evolutionary journey 


Session Detail:

You and I will decided together on the intention of the session & energy work.  An energetic assessment will be followed by me tapping into your energy and picking up any messages or energies that are ready to be transmuted or worked on that's no longer serving you.  This assessment can serve to clarify the intention.

I will then proceed to channel light language vocally as well as using hand gestures to move energy, bring in and place new codes to support the healing intention and codes (info) needed for the next steps of your journey / evolution.

All energies channelled are always of the purest intentions for your highest good.

After the energy work, we can discuss the session and share any additional messages.


What You Might Experience During a Session:

We will be moving and shifting lots of energy during a session.  It is common to experience the following symptoms as a result of energetic movement and release:

- Feeling tingles all over the body (energy moving through the body)

- Feeling abnormally hot or cold

- Feeling strange sensations in the body such as twitching, pulsating

- Yawning

- Crying

- Shaking

- Sweating

- Sneezing

- Coughing

- Farting

- Dancing

- Laughing

- and others

All of these are normal and encouraged since it helps your body transmute and act as energy releases

You might also receive message from your guides or spirits or even see visual images



What is Light Language?

Light Language is a form of interdimensional, non-linear, energetic communication and a quantum healing modality which by passes our analytical minds and go directly to our heart/soul/body (DNA)

It is a way of expressing energy from the unseen world into the seen through movement, art, writing, talking or singing.

I channel it primarily vocally and via hand movements.

The sound waves transmitted by the voice carry energetic codes that your higher self interprets and applies to your energetic body, mind and spirit.  The hand movements move energy in your body and bring in and place light codes where needed throughout your being. 

It is not often understood by the mind (although some do!).

The specific codes channeled are based on the intention of the session.


Benefits of speaking light language:

- it raises your vibration

- it shifts energy blocks and limitations

- it clears negative energy around you

- it assists in healing / energy work for yourself or others

- it helps you to connect deeper with Spirit Guides and meditations

- it assists in bring forth your innate abilities and soul purpose in this current life time


Will I Receive a Recording?

Yes, you will receive a recording after the session.


Who is Lily Li?

I'm a Light Language Healer, Coder, Activator and a Healer Activator Coach.  I work with source, my multidimensional galactic higher selves and your higher self to assist your highest evolution and transformation. 

I will contact you via the email you've provided and set up an appointment that works for us both.



- online 60 min session x 6






No refunds for cancellations or no shows.

Reschedule request requires 24 hours in advance.

All sales final.  


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