ALANA Long Dangle Freshwater Pearl Earrings

These silver hoop long dangle freshwater pearl earrings are a statement piece. Because it is an extra long earring, it will bring out the sparkle in your eyes, brighten your features and draw attention to your nape.  


  • French Ear Hooks: Sterling Silver
  • Rope Eternity Ring: Silver plated measures 20 x 20mm
  • Freshwater pearls are approximately 6 x 5mm (l x w)

Each piece of jewelry is lovingly made just for you by happy hands.    

These earrings will bring eternal love and inner wisdom since Pearls are known to strengthen and nurture the self and the growth of pure love. It will teach you to open up and find the meaning and the purpose of your “true self.” They enlighten the mind and inspire the mood, while helping you to learn to love yourself more and, in turn, love others more, as well.