Handmade artisan jewelry is delicate. Here are a few tips to keep it looking it's best!

Put jewelry on last and take off first when getting ready. Cosmetics, perfume, hair care products, deodorant, household cleaners, water, lotions and other chemicals my damage metal and beads/stones. It could also get caught on clothes while dressing and breaking it.

Do not swim, wash, exercise or sleep with your jewelry on & avoid leaving it in a moist bathroom or in a pool of water.

Store it individually in the anti-tarnish clear cellophane zip lock bag as soon as you take them off to protect from being tarnished scratched, chipped, tangled or damaged.

Some items may be cleaned with jewelry cleaning cloth but testing a small, hidden spot first before cleaning the entire item. Depending on the metal, cleaning solution and certain cloths, it could damage the item.


S T O R I N G  J E W E L R Y 

When you are not wearing Lily Li Jewelry, it should be stored in an airtight plastic bag. This will prevent tarnishing and scratching. 

W H I L E  W E A R I N G   Y O U R  J E W E L R Y

To avoid over stretching of the elastic cord, roll the bracelet down your hand onto your wrist and don't allow children or pets to tug at the elastic.

Exposure to water, lotions, body oils, cosmetics, perfumes, excessive heat and humidity and cleaning agents may cause discolouration and buildup and affect the finish of the jewelry.

H O W  T O  C L E A N  Y O U R  J E W E L R Y

After much research, we have found that jewelry polishing cloths work best to restore luster to our sterling silver pieces.  Unfortunately, gold and silver plated jewelry cannot be cleaned.

M A T E R I A L S 

Lily Li Jewelry uses sterling silver, 14K gold filled or real gemstones.  As a result, all of our gemstones come in variations of color, pattern, and texture.  We consider that these variations are what make your piece of jewelry that little bit extra special and unique.

Gold Filled vs Gold Plated

Gold Filled

Gold Filled is an American metal manufacturing process and legal standard of quality . Gold filled is two sheets of solid karat gold (most popular being 14kt) bonded over (or for wire, rolled in tube) a core of brass.

For a piece of jewelry to be legally stamped with the telltale ‘GF’ marking, its weight must be at least 1/20th gold. This explains the typical stamp you would expect to see on gold filled articles: “1/20 14K GF”, which means that 5 percent of the piece is 14 karat gold.

Due to the surface layer of gold-filled jewelry being about 100 times thicker than any plating, gold-filled pieces tend to last much longer, and are considered ‘lifetime jewelry’.

Gold Plated

Gold plated jewellery is made using a thin layer of gold to surround base metals or sterling silver. The fine layer of gold is set using the method of chemical or electrochemical plating. It is the cheapest of the three forms of gold jewellery (solid karat gold, gold filled and gold plated), and is the quickest to tarnish. When sterling silver is used as the interior metal, with at least 2 microns of gold plating, the item is primarily labeled as Gold Vermeil.

Gold filled is not to be mistaken for gold plated over sterling silver - which is far less expensive than gold filled. A number of resellers in the industry have confused the market place by using those terms interchangeably. American standard gold filled does not have any sterling silver in it, and although it is more expensive, it lasts far longer than gold plated over base metal and over sterling because it has 100 times more gold than any possible plated process. How long gold filled or plating lasts depends largely on the chemical makeup of and the care with which the person wearing the jewellery takes - which varies widely.


Lily Li Jewelry is hand crafted. 100% of Lily Li Jewelry is assembled and finished in Canada.