LUNA Carnelian Bracelet

Each piece of jewelry is custom made by hand, just for you.  All pieces are infused with light codes and healing reiki energy to magnify and further enhance the healing properties of each gemstone, making LilyLi.Jewelry truly a highly charged, one of a kind, Jewels for the Soul.  

If you wish the jewelry to be encoded with a personalized transmission of light codes that will support a particular area of your choice such as Love, health, wealth, abundance, etc, you can purchase the 3 minute personalized transmission here.

Such unique and meaningful gift to give to your loved ones or a treat for yourself! 

Click here to learn about Light Language & Light Codes.



Genuine carnelian gemstones

14K gold filled beads

Durable stretch cords


Carnelians help increase confidence and courage.  They also boost creativity, inspiration, motivation and will power to achieve success in business and other pursuits.

Hematites and carnelians both ground and anchor you in the present reality.  They also support timid people by boosting their self confidence and help them speak their truth. 

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier and it helps magnify the attributes and healing properties of all gemstones.