MINI Personalized Light Codes Video Recording

Love Light Language?  Would like to experience how it feels like to receive a mini personalized transmission like the ones I usually post on TikTok?  Then this is for you!

During this light language energy transmission personalized just for you, you'll be experiencing the clearing, healing, coding and/or activating powers of light language energy work.  

At checkout, you can also get a gemstone bracelet of your choice encoded with your personalized transmission.  In addition to amplifying the natural healing properties of the gemstone, they will also hold the vibrations of the personalized light codes so that you can keep the vibrations with you while looking stylish too : )

Your personalized 3 minute transmission will be a recording and sent to the email you've provided.

This also makes an excellent unique gift to give to your mom, sister, friends and bridal party.  

Remember to indicate the following when checking out under "Note to Seller":

1.  Whether you'd prefer a generalized transmission (bringing in whatever it is for your highest good), or a specific transmission based on a particular intention (eg. self love, health, wealth, etc)

2.  If this is a gift, indicate the full name of the recipient

3.  If you'd also like a bracelet, specify which bracelet you'd like (see photos as reference)



Carnelians help increase confidence and courage.  They also boost creativity, inspiration, motivation and will power to achieve success in business and other pursuits.

Hematites and carnelians both ground and anchor you in the present reality.  They also support timid people by boosting their self confidence and help them speak their truth. 

Clear Quartz is the most powerful healing and energy amplifier and it helps magnify the attributes and healing properties of all gemstones.

Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love and self love that carries a soft, feminine energy.  It opens the heart chakra, allowing vibrations of love to flow freely and without fear.  It helps one attract new love into their life and promotes healthy, harmonious relationships

Each piece of jewelry is custom made by hand, just for you.  All pieces are infused with light codes and healing reiki energy to further enhance the attributes and healing properties of each crystal, making LilyLi.Jewelry truly a highly charged, one of a kind, Jewels for the Soul


This is for you if:

- you love light language and would like to experience how it feels like to receive a mini personalized transmission 


What is Light Language?

Light Language is a form of inter-dimensional, non-linear, energetic communication and a quantum healing modality which by passes our analytical minds and go directly to our heart/soul/body (DNA)

It is a way of expressing energy from the unseen world into the seen through movement, art, writing, talking or singing.

I channel it primarily vocally and via hand movements.

The sound waves transmitted by the voice carry energetic codes that your higher self interprets and applies to your energetic body, mind and spirit.  The hand movements move energy in your body and bring in and place light codes where needed throughout your being. 

It is not often understood by the mind (although some do!).

The specific codes channeled are based on the intention of the session.


Benefits of Speaking Light Language:

- it raises your vibration

- it shifts energy blocks and limitations

- it clears negative energy around you

- it assists in healing / energy work for yourself or others

- it helps you to connect deeper with Spirit Guides and meditations

- it assists in bring forth your innate abilities and soul purpose in this current life time


Will I Receive a Recording?

Yes since this is not an online session, I will record your personalized transmission and email it to you within 3 to 5 business days from time of purchase.  


What You Might Experience During This Recording:

I will be moving and shifting energy during a session.  It is common to experience the following symptoms as a result of energetic movement and release:

- Feeling tingles all over the body (energy moving through the body)

- Feeling abnormally hot or cold

- Feeling strange sensations in the body such as twitching, pulsating

- Yawning

- Crying

- Shaking

- Sweating

- Sneezing

- Coughing

- Farting

- Dancing

- Laughing

- and others

All of these are normal and encouraged since it helps your body transmute and act as energy releases

You might also receive message from your guides or spirits or even see visual images


Who is Lily Li?

I'm a Light Language Healer, Coder and Activator.  I work with healing frequencies, my higher self, spiritual guides and benevolent spiritual beings to assist your highest evolution and transformation. 



This is not an online session, I will record your personalized transmission and email it to you within 3 to 5 business days from time of purchase. 






All sales final.  


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